Writings, Presentations and Publications

  • fonza, a. and Jazz Sister Cities (2018, October). “Jazz: The Voice of Freedom and Democracy for the World.” Available online at https://www.jazzsistercities.org.
  • Opening Speaker – Black History Month 2018, Blue Valley High School, Overland Park, Kansas.
  • Kansas City Design Center (2017, August). Introduction to Community Engagement. Workshop presented to graduate students from Kansas State University and the University of Kansas.
  • Race, Class and Capital in Kansas City (2017, February). Presenter with the Center for Neighborhoods + AUPD – University of Missouri Kansas City. Kauffman Conference Center, Kansas City, Missouri.
  • fonza, a. (2013, July). Would a Non-Sexist City Be Enough? Womanism, Feminism and Visions of Urban Development. Paper presented at the AESOP-ACSP Joint Congress. Dublin, Ireland.
  • fonza, a. (2013, June). Black Women, Atheist Activism, and Human Rights: Why We Just Cannot Seem to Keep It To Ourselves! CrossCurrents. 63, 2, 185-197.
  • fonza, a. (2012, December). “Through the Fire”: Womanism, Feminism, and the Dialectics of Loving Attachment. Planning Theory and Practice. 13, 4, 610-616.
  • fonza, a. (2012, December). Book review: The Good City: Reflections and Imaginations, by A. B. Jacobs, London: Routledge 2011. Journal of Planning Education and Research, 32, 497-498.
  • fonza, a. (2012, April). Principal Organizer, Hite Lecture with Dr. Alfred Babo, Visiting Lecturer from Smith College and the University of Bouake, Ivory Coast. Sponsored by the Institute of International Education – Scholar Rescue Fund, hosted by the Public Administration Department, Clark Atlanta University.
  • fonza, a. (2012, February). Re-Membering Springfield: Black Women’s Narratives on Space and Place in Springfield, Massachusetts. A paper presented at the Conference on the Black Experience: Celebrations of Black Women in American History and Culture. Paine College, Augusta, Georgia.
  • fonza, a. (2011, October). ‘It’s Caldonia’s Turn Now!’ Exploring Black Women’s Perspectives on Urban Planning and Local History in Springfield, Massachusetts. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Oral History Association. Denver, Co.
  • fonza, a. (2010, September). Troubling City Planning Discourses: A Womanist Analysis of Urban Renewal and Social Planning in Springfield, Massachusetts, 1960 – 1980. University of Massachusetts Amherst. Ph.D. Dissertation, Regional Planning.
  • fonza, a.; Garber, G.; Lowitt, P.; Lacy, J. (2007, September). Aspects of the Massachusetts Land Use Statutes in the National Context, Massachusetts Chapter of the American Planning Association. Presented to the Massachusetts Task Force on Zoning Reform, Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development.

Recommended Writings (and writings where my published work or my ideas are quoted or referenced):

  • Jenkins, j.r. (2020). “Is Religiosity a Black Thing? Reading the Black None in Octavia E. Butler’s “The Book of Martha,” in Project Muse, Pacific Coast Philology. Penn State University Press, Vol. 55, 1: 5-22.
  • Kendrick, k. (June 2019). No Thanks: Black, Female, and Living in the Martyr-Free Zone. Berkeley: She Writes Press.
  • Everest, p.j. (Spring 2017). “From Douglass to Coates: Religion, Liberation and African American Autobiography.” Thesis, University of Oslo.
  • Barnesmoore, l. r. (2017). “Conscious Evolution, Social Development and Environmental Justice,” in Environment and Social Psychology. Vol. 2 (1): 1-14.
  • Bey, m. (2015, Fall). “She Had a Name that God Didn’t Give Her: Thinking the Body Through Atheistic Black Radical Feminism,” in Journal of Feminist Scholarship. Vol. 9: 1-17.

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